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Baltimore Bull Dogs Cleveland Fire Blades New York Chiefs
Baltimore Thunder Cleveland Hurricanes New York Fire Ants
Boston Falcons Cleveland Shock New York Mutiny
Boston Force Cleveland Stampede New York Renegades
Boston Gators DC Americans New York Stars
Boston Grizzlies DC Chiefs New York Shock
Boston Phantoms DC Cobras Philadelphia Admirals
Boston Rolling Thunder DC Fire Cats Philadelphia Cobras
Boston Rogues DC Green Hornets Philadelphia Ice Dragons C
Boston Shooters DC Invaders Philadelphia Ice Raiders
Calgary Barons DC Justice Philadelphia Firebirds
Calgary Berserkers DC Mutiny Philadelphia Moose
Calgary Blades DC Panthers Philadelphia Road Runners
Calgary Braves DC Rattlers Philadelphia Sharks
Calgary Bruins DC Rolling Thunder Philadelphia Shock
Calgary Chargers DC Stars Philadelphia Stampede
Calgary Ice Hazards DC Unknowns Philadelphia Stingrays
Calgary Jets DC Vipers Philadelphia Thunder
Calgary Lazers Detroit Barflies Philadelphia Wings
Calgary Mad Dogs Detroit Cardinals St. Louis Blast
Calgary Night Train Detroit Force St. Louis Cobras
Calgary Senators Detroit Ice Dragons St. Louis Chiefs
Calgary Titans Detroit Invaders St. Louis Grizzlies
Calgary Walrus Detroit Lions St. Louis Hornets
Chicago Admirals Detroit Moose  St. Louis Ice Devils
Chicago Beavers Detroit Shock St. Louis Ice Men
Chicago Blast Detroit Snipers St. Louis Knights
Chicago Caerbannogs Detroit Stingers St. Louis Longnecks
Chicago Dirty Ducks Detroit Wings St. Louis Outlaws
Chicago Eagles Las Vegas Hockey Club St. Louis Panthers
Chicago Czech Fighters New Jersey Americans St. Louis Shock
Chicago Green Berets New Jersey Blast St. Louis Stampede
Chicago Grim Reapers New Jersey Bull Dogs St. Louis Stars
Chicago Ice Breakers New Jersey Force Vancouver Blades
Chicago Phantoms New Jersey Ice Dogs Vancouver Gladiators
Chicago Scorpions New Jersey Ice Dragons Vancouver Red Devils
Chicago Slugs New Jersey Firecats Vancouver Storm
Chicago Shooters New Jersey Lancers  
Chicago Taz Devils New Jersey Outlaws  
Chicago Tigers New Jersey Thunder  
Chicago TOPS New Jersey Sabers D  
Chicago Unknowns New Jersey Stars  
Cleveland Barons New York Blades  
Cleveland Fire Ants    




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